Lesson 1 – Introduction to Micro Expressions

Welcome to your first lesson on how to make an impact using the 5 superpowers featured in our IMPACT movie!
In today’s video you’ll discover the three micro expressions that may seem obvious when we point them out, but are actually missed by most people in the real world. In the IMPACT movie you can see how the three main characters notice these micro expressions in their daily conversations.
These three micro expressions are highly important because they occur all the time, and give you unfiltered insight into what people are really thinking and feeling. After watching this video, you’ll to get an immediate edge in meetings and negotiations by seeing beyond the mask, and observing the emotions that others are trying to hide.


Discover 26 variations of micro expressions!

In this lesson you’ll realize how much you can do with only three micro expressions. Now imagine if you could easily read and interpret 26 micro expressions in super high definition 4K quality so you never miss a signal again! Take our Micro Expressions Training Videos (METV) course to exercise with over 300 videos.

Next week, you’ll discover the five essential criteria that you need to apply to every body language interpretation to avoid being fooled.