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Let’s inspire 10 Million people to make an impact!

We’re on a mission to inspire ten million lives to make an impact by improving their communication skills. For this movie to make a difference in many lives, we need your help.
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Email template to share with your connections

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Email Template – for Amazon Launch
To send out from September 8th onwards:

Subject: Impact movie premiere on Amazon

Hi (Name),

Exciting news – the movie IMPACT has just launched on Amazon. This Hollywood produced inspiring movie follows three people who embark on a personal journey to transform the way they communicate. On their quest to impact the world, they discover their superpowers.
The Impact movie has been nominated for 12 international film festivals and won 6 awards.

Watch the movie and discover your superpowers too!
Here is the link to watch the movie on Amazon in the USA:
If you are in the UK, then use this link:
If you are in a different country, then Amazon movies might be restricted in your area, but you can always get access to the film on the movie website itself:

Enjoy the movie and let’s make an impact together!

All the best,


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Image Templates:

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Great Social Media Text

  • Watch the #ImpactMovie about how 3 people discover their superpowers on Amazon –
  • Everybody has superpowers! Discover your superpowers by watching the #ImpactMovie on Amazon –


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