Lesson 4 – REAL mind reading explained on film

In today’s lesson we will explain how the BLINK conversation technique works, which you can see in the IMPACT movie being applied in the exercises with the three clients in the restaurant and at the organic market.

Here’s some bad news: Every single so-called “Mind Reading” video you have seen on YouTube is absolutely 100% fake. You’re watching skilled illusionists perform a carefully set-up trick. Even if they SAY that they’re using micro expressions, the truth is: they’re not! It’s much easier for a performer to simply use stooges or hidden gimmicks to pull off their trick.

What we have for you today is quite different. It’s a real life demonstration of actual mind reading based not on “magic,” but on the science of body language and micro expressions. In this video you’ll watch as I “read the mind” of Didi, one of the main characters in the IMPACT movie, in a completely unscripted environment. You’ll be invited to pause the video and make your own guess, before I break down exactly how I arrived at my (accurate) conclusions.

The secret of mind reading in real life is our BLINK conversation technique, which you can use in everyday conversations to lead people to reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings without them ever catching on.


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The BLINK Conversation Technique is the closest you’ll get in real life to reading minds. It’s one of the most popular body language techniques that we have invented. On our Body Language Master course you will discover 15 modules about the BLINK Conversation Technique, and many hours of real-life exercises with their solutions!

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Next week, we’ll explore 3 powerful ways to spot micro expressions in real life.
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